About Us

About Us ChemicalsList.com aims to revolutionise and change the way people purchase Chemicals Globally.
E-commerce boom has already hit globally and with increase in internet usage there has been a rise in customers purchasing chemicals online. We want to transform this into an enjoyable and easy process – helping the customers ‘FIND THE RIGHT CHEMICAL SUPPLIER’ online, just like buying clothes and electronics.
ChemicalsList.com’s model is focussed on transforming the process of buying Chemicals which will ultimately result in great deals for customers, saving them time and money. The model will equally benefit Chemical suppliers - making higher sales and moving their inventory faster at lower cost and effort. We see this as a win-win situation.
ChemicalsList.com is a global trade platform for chemicals supplier and we are helping our suppliers to achieve their strategic and business goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our suppliers benefit from the deep experience, objectivity, knowledge transfer and dependability that our dedicated professionals bring to engagements. We are committed to our supplier’s success and ensure that we have a thorough understanding of our supplier’s goals, requirements and technical environment.